For the past year, I have been joking that I am having my mid-life crisis.  Perhaps it’s true.

In the last year, a lot has changed in my life.  I moved into a new home, went through a divorce, closed a struggling retail business, endured two surgeries brought on by the work I do as a painting contractor, and started the ball rolling on a career change.  Through all of  this, with unhealthy stress levels, my goal became clear -slow down and simplify my life.

I have always been an active person.  I love the outdoors, adventure, sport, travel.  I studied education in Madison, WI, where I developed my love of learning.  After school, I took a summer to work as a painter, while I decided what to do with my life.  Now in my 40s, I am still painting, still deciding what to do with my life.

In my 20s, the painting business was my “permanent, semi-retirement plan”, as I affectionately called it.  Clearly, not my life’s passion, but a means to an end.  The end being the freedom of self-employment, which allowed me the opportunity to take as much time off as I wanted to travel and play. This brought me many of my best experiences and memories, and was a really happy, carefree time in my life.  In my 30s, feeling unfulfilled, I went back to school to study architecture, where I developed a passion for historic preservation and a desire to rehab old houses.  I continued to run the painting business, studied, renovated my first house, opened a second business with my husband, and started a family.  As you may imagine, life became a balancing act, and sadly, the scale was turning to “all work and no play, makes Sue a dull girl”.  When people would ask me, “how do you do it all?”, my standard response became, “not well.”

Now, with a divorce under my belt, one business failure behind me, two surgeries, and, now cancer, I have decided that NOW is the time to simplify and return to the things that make me happy on this planet.  It is a work in progress…

One thought on “About

  1. In the midst of reclaiming your mental and emotional well being, your body too decided to reclaim it’s health by showing you all the ailments it has been enduring. This journey is just another part of shedding the “unhealthy stress”. I see a light at the end of this tunnel and I think it’s amazing that you are documenting your experience.

    Journey on sister!

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