Beta Readers wanted!

OneKnight'sJourney_MEDIUMI’m excited to announce that I am turning this blog into a book! Over the course of this journey through cancer treatment, I’ve had requests to turn my blog into a book, so I have decided to do just that. I hope to inspire other women to discover ways of embracing the positive moments along the way and allow love and humor to be the armor that protects them through the tough stuff.

I have a rough draft nearly ready, so I am looking for 8-10 people to read a pdf of my book and provide me with feedback, comments and questions. If you are willing to be a beta reader for me, please e-mail me at and I will send you a pdf, along with additional instructions.

As an added incentive, I will send a free, signed copy of One Knight’s Journey to the beta readers as soon as it is printed. Also, if you further help me out by writing an amazon review, you will also receive a signed, printed copy of “Sidelines”, the book written by my husband about his experiences being by my side through cancer treatment.




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